Credit Cards & Gift Certificates  

Chevron Credit Cards are designed to help make your shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable. With pay at the pump capability as well as purchasing food and automotive items inside the store, Chevron Credit Cards help make your life easier.

The Chevron Personal Credit Card

A Chevron Credit Card comes in real handy. You can use it at our stations throughout B.C. and at thousands more Chevron and Texaco stations in the United States.

With the no-annual fee Chevron Credit Card you can purchase our Chevron gasolines with the cleaning power of Techron® with convenient Pay at the Pump access at many of our stations. Just put your card in, fill up as usual, take your receipt, and go.

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The Chevron personal card is issued by GE Money and is not an obligation of Chevron Canada Limited.

The Chevron Business Card

Whether you're a large or small fleet operator, the Chevron Business Card has special features that can be beneficial to your business. With no annual fee, the Business Card can help control vehicle expenses, lower administrative costs and increase security.

You can easily manage your Chevron Business account online. Request new cards, download statements and reports, and monitor expenses - everything you need to manage your account is now available as soon as you need it.

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The Chevron Business Card is issued by FleetCor Commercial Card Management (Canada) Ltd. and is not an obligation of Chevron Canada Limited.

Gift Certificates

gift certificate

Chevron Gift Certificates can be redeemed for fuel, car washes, automotive supplies and even in-store purchases. Chevron Gift Certificates can be purchased and redeemed at more than 160 Chevron locations in British Columbia and are available in $5.00, $10.00 and $25.00 denominations.