About the Chevron Cars

The Chevron Cars were born in 1995 to help spread the word about the latest innovation from Chevron—Chevron with Techron. See, most people don't think about gasoline much, but cars do. So when they heard how Techron could help keep their engines clean, they just couldn't stop talking about it.

The Chevron Cars Commercials

Working with the talented animators at Aardman, creators of the beloved Wallace and Gromit films, Chevron has produced over 40 talking cars spots. It takes a full month to create 30 seconds of animation. You can enjoy our newest and classics at the Carsville Drive-In Theater.

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Build Your Own Chevron Car at the Car Factory

Now you can create your own virtual Chevron Car at the Carsville Car Factory. Pick out the eyes, the wheels, the smile and the color. You want stripes? You got 'em. Be creative and have fun. You can share your car with your friends and even download a wallpaper version.

Build a Car

The Techron Center: Techron Works. Visit the Techron Center and learn how Techron helps care for your car. Learn more Driving School: Want better mileage? You'll find mileage tips and other helpful info at the Carsville Driving School. Learn more The Chevron Cars Playland: Play with the Cars. Chevron Cars Playland is loaded with games, puzzles and fun. Join the fun